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"I'm a pretty patient guy (well most of the time) and I don't think I would be able to put up with the kinds of things that you hear about happening in DC.
Bottom line though, I think that you should do what you think will make you happy in the long run. Life is just too short." Ben Fuller May 26, 2000 08:02
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A place on the web for past employees of the trailblazing company that has revolutionized television viewing.

Our son's life was taken under suspicious circumstances, his files deleted from his computers, false testimony on police records, and his patents stolen. Some of those he worked with and trusted have their names on patents including the functions he invented evidenced in the U.S. Patent Office database. Browse for Sonicblue.. In the court records are copies of search results which now do not render the same results. . This goes high. Authors, patent creators are systematically being removed: .,

Originally Posted by JustBen

Yes, JustBen is Benjamin Glenn Fuller. [Granted] permission by the owner for limited activities.

I replied to someone about the 243 entry into ZONE where you have utilities available, a "trivial" thing that the numbers if you look at a 10 key pad is BGF Benjamin Glenn Fuller's initials, JustBen, ReplayBen et al.

Ben was responsible for the code in the ZONE features for ReplayTV and automatic "commercial advance" directly from his lips to my ear. He developed another HDTV replay like, "MythTV" product before his death which never made it to market. All his code is mssing for everything including ProjecD the Amiga Utility.

Having had nearly 7 years of hacking to contend with for my son's web sites I have disabled there also the write capability for everyone for the time being so I understand choices must be made. I appreciate Mr. Bott's allowing this much time for the family to monitor the account and especially his generous posts for memorial purposes after Ben's body was discovered 9/11/2002.

Click "High-Tech Toys for Your TV", Stephen Kovsky, Que Publishing Page 48


I had entertained running for Senator in 2000 and asked my son Ben for his advice.

Glenn Fuller

From: "Ben Fuller" <>
To: "Fuller, G Glenn (WLS)" <>
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 08:02
Subject: Re: REPLAYTV order - disposition - NEW YORK OR BUST

Our sales and marketing folks periodically set up demo-days at retailers
around the country.  I've attached a list of NY locations for the May 27th
and 28th demo days.  Maybe there is one near you.

We hear about bad TiVo retail sales experiences all the time, and
generally when both units are shown side by side, Replay wins.  People also tend
to react negatively when they find out TiVo has a service fee ($10 montly,
or $200 lifetime)..

As for the senate thing --  I think someone looking at holding political
office would want to know as much about the process of holding that
office before hand. "Knowledge is Power" and all that.  :-)  Maybe it's
just the cynic in me, but it seems that the real power in DC is held by
the staffers and aides.  They seem to be the ones setting the agenda.

It seems like a job like that would be very frustrating -- having to deal
with political games, and always having to argue your position.  I'm a
pretty patient guy (well most of the time) and I don't think I would be
able to put up with the kinds of things that you hear about happening in

Bottom line though, I think that you should do what you think will make
you happy in the long run.  Life is just too short.



Ben found himself in a "Cheeseless situation" and attempted to move on to find more cheese. The "powers to be" wouldn't allow that. They pursued him to his death burying essentially the only impediment to them accomplishing in the end illegally what they could not legally even to the Supreme Court to destroy DVR production "Digital Video Recorders" especially the featurer of "automatic commercial skipping" since they could not prevent PVR Personal Video Recorders in the market as cable assessories in the public even with attempts to punish customers who purchased them and the "cartel" illegally pursued in courts to have their names, addresses and private information exposed for citizen through threats of abusive prosecutions and law suits to prevent the capability to the public. Now they control all and allow a small feature for limited "Replay" they charge for making $billions the estate so asserted in suppressing now the expunged files in San Jose Bankruptcy Court. After Ben's death which the estate has asserted in Sonciblue Bankruptcy Court that Sonicblue was linked in circumstances and events fostered by them to his death the estate was pursued and obstructed from its rights. The estate was forced into a settlement, promised an image copy of the Sonicblue Sale, baited, brow beaten with a verbal that criminal evidence would be available for them to pursuit remedy afterwards in civil and criminal court for assailants and accomplices. However, just recently discovered again the courts were manipulated to bury the evidence, "expunging" and obstructing justice it seems. It was also discovered of late that the patent of Ben's was buried by D & M Holdings a cog in the wheels "cartel" as the ReplayTV Personal Video Recorders which use it were "discontinued" through a "settlement agreement" with the forces which successfully and clandestinely violated a decision of the Supreme Court for DVR recording practices as Sonicblue which purchased ReplayTV declared bankruptcy, transferred off-shore the assets, concealed illegal activities in the courts and the error perpetuated by the courts Trustee and staff. The "cartel" reaches deep even into the halls of justice and constitutional rights of citizens evidence of such in the news with $trillions in the wealth of the nation being open to them and essentially all citizens in America and the world now their slaves.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's case Craig Newmark et. al. vs. Ted Turner found the power of this "cartel" even prevented them with attorneys well equipped they could not succeed otherwise and the estate with a pro se representation in court now realizes the weight of the opposition and denial of personal civil liberties and legal rights violated. Essentially what has traspired in the Information Ages is a logical extension that which was accomplished by the Industrial Age power grabbers when automobile carburators or fuel efficient vehicles using the internal combustion engine were systematically acquired legally or otherwise by the large auto/oil "cartel" to where the empire of global "cartel" limited players have repeated the crimes. In a review of the USPO United States Patent Office the esatate discovered that business entities beyond America's borders, multi-naitonal corporations through their partnering law firms own most of the intellectual property through a practice of coersion of "assignment" in illegal contracts requiring our best talent in engineers to surrender their rights and inventions or they are black listed and their careers ended before or even after they start should they choose to attempt to remain free as Ben did. The estate was denied due process, legal representation and abused in the very system of justice which Ben's efforts found him and he lost his life it appears in a direct result of this power play by top level food chain players of the oligarchy round table. A new tyrant has emerged. It is no wonder that the "drug/gun/human smuggling" cartel continues its tyranny it seems partners of the very ones involved in so called "legitimate" enterprises. "The Corporation" book and video comes to mind perhaps more truth than factions and for the effect of shuck and awe to intimidate any enlightened to any effective actions.

This is undeniable. September 2002 Ben dies and so does opposition to these who control TV now, our pockets and our posterity. The treachery is complete. "We the people" struggle and compete for the crumbs these wicked and evil people allow us. This sure is "Change". The estate attempts to discover where the last PVR went that Ben used was it retained by his roommates?, employees of Sonicblue and purchasing one now impossible. See and see if you can find a way to purchase one with AUTO commercial skipping..

Ben’s father September 13, 2009 7 years after his wake at 659 Fox Ct. East, Redwood City, CA 94061 Death Time.

The assertion in the death certificate is that Ben died of an accident.  After very careful research and discovery in the legal sense such a finding is false which leaves only homicide.  There is no other option reasonably that can be concluded.  One fact I found out only recently from a 911 call in a demand letter to the Redwood City Police by an estate attorney August 26, 2009.  That information exposes a very difficult situation for Ben’s family to discover this late.  Ben’s face was bruised.  I had noticed that when he arrived at the funeral home Sept 18, 2002, but kept still.  My guess then was a cosmetic failure on the part of the funeral home, but I was wrong.  Nothing was said by the caller roommate in his 911 call other than this “bruised face” comment other assertions from police reports after the fact.  Other assertions which found its way into the findings in the death certificate none of the forensic pathologists confirmed, and some very guardedly refuted such assertions.  I will not repeat anything of record in detail here and there is essentially a trail of circumstantial evidence some late in the process which confirm the conclusions and lead to questions yet to be resolved.  I don’t know that I can do this justice, but I will try.

The Sonciblue Bankruptcy Court and estate reached a settlement August 26, 2008.  They have breached it in my opinion, but …, I have chosen thus far not to proceed other than entertaining an appeal as a matter of record to the 9th District Court of Appeals to document the failures as I understand them.  It would be difficult enough for an attorney experienced in this area, I think I understand the burden of proof….  I haven’t decided when but expect to prepare a brief to file soon or not on appeal.  The court will reply eventually.  …appeals are usually made with existing documents and arguments are normally not taken.  I went through this in 2006 about my nomination petitions [when I ran for Congress] so I know that much about the process. However, appeals to the Supreme Court if accepted follow a more open format IE Le Armistad case.

There also is the grounds for misconduct besides [that in] the court.  Due to statute of limitations and an uncooperative Redwood City Police Department pursuing law suits are expensive and although there seems to be grounds to prevail… I really don’t think we want  to go further on this regardless [ that could change].

The bottom line is that Ben has valuable patents, they were stolen, the thieves got away with it for now and someone(s) took his life.  There is no hard evidence to identify the assailants positively, [the police statement was “not sufficient physical evidence in 2002”; ] but there is evidence about certain business enterprises and some individuals that benefit from the patents.

September 8, 2002 midnight in my opinion was the day and time Ben’s life ended.  It will be 7 years tomorrow.  His roommates assert it was late in the day September 9, 2002 most likely after they had Pizza with a 3rd friend 10:30pm that night.  [They asserted no contact with him from that time to his body was “discovered” as recorded 9/11/2002.]  The pathologists generally agree it was between 24 hours to 48hours plus before 7pm September 11, 2002.  The one that conducted the autopsy, Dr. Terri Haddix, told me it was 48 hours plus verbally, but when the death certificate was cut she was no longer with the San Mateo Coroner’s office and left under strained conditions with them.  The Coroner published the death certificate without her signing it as I understand it.  [Reviewing forensic process and evidence myself these last 7 years, the proximity of a call midnight September 8, 2002, other circumstances and the distortions by those making contrary assertions as to time of death on official records, what I have concluded seems factually probable.  Lacking any cooperation from those that should have cooperated close to him making such assertions, misconduct by the Redwood City Police, and the occurrences in misconduct of the court I will stand by my time of death assessment until proven otherwise.]

Glenn Fuller,



9/8/2002 EFF DVR


"Scotty! Beam me up." Ben.

Civil portion winding down in the 9/11/2002 discovery that Ben was dead with Sonicblue.

Now we shift into a finishing a criminal investigation the police botched and the coroner covered up by all indicators.

Senister indicators from dirty sources mixed in possible links to Ben's death? See this. Sonicblue obstructed converting stock, the estate went to Deutsche Bank Alex Brown and also stonewalled. A legal process resulted in finally the stock converted, and something for the estate but..... why didn't they just be civil about it? Bank Alex Brown terrorism link.html

Direct any questions, or information to: Glenn Fuller, Admin, Benjamin G Fuller Esate, PO box 9222, Mesa, AZ 85214 email:

Sonicblue Bankruptcy case partial documentation: Proof of Claim Summary 2007, Enclosures a. through s., t. through aa., Ben's Resume bb., REPLAY hDpc cc., Objection Reorganization and Confirmation Plan, Proof of Claim Aug 22, 2007, Trustee Objections 22 Jan 2008, Trustee Objection Exhibits see personnel file, and Proof of Claims

Sonicblue NEWS the depravity, the sucker punch settlement and aftermath. Court procedures reveal what the court would not admit. A double standard.

Macromedia Storing valid and invalid markup language in strict and relaxed tables respectively HTML

Evidence of patents: Sonicblue attorney correspondence, forged signatures, testimonials, patent applications, ReplayTV ZONE 243 utility BGF his initials Etc.

Ben Fuller Family marks 7th anniversary of terror attacks...on Ben various efforts to coverup death follow:

Ben receives final BONUS payment June 1, 2001 on December, 2000 ReplayTV "reorganization"

Ben receives performance slam by Philippe Pignon June 5/6 2001 'wrongful termination'

Ben resigns asks for June 20, 2001 last day

Ben works on Sonicblue project awarded Patent Application Nov 16, 2001 evidence in actions on computer files:

9/7/2002 MSN contact Ben security breach,
9/8/2008 attends BLAST I with "friends",
9/8/2002 receives email from former CEO on audio who found audio company 10/2002, 9/9/2002 00:00 hours call home from cell phone no answer on pickup, no answer on return calls,
9/9/2002 3 associates report late day pizza party, 10:30pm
9/9/2002 TOD by forensic pathologist 12/2002, July, 2003
9/10- 9/11 7pm no contact by roommates with Ben,
9/11/2002 8:30pm roommate calls parents Ben is dead as body reported,
9/12 parents arrive in San Mateo County, Coroner and Funeral home deny parents viewing body, Sonicblue asset recovery denied,
9/13 wake at Ben's condo,
9/14 parents return to Mesa, Arizona with Ben's things, computer motherboard dead
9/18 body arrives at funeral home 3 hours before viewing,
9/19 Funeral
10/18/2002 parents return for Amiga equipment dinner with roommates demo of replay like product,
10/2002 Roku founded CEO and roommates employees,
1/2003 parents attend CES Las Vegas meet CEO and friend of Ben's, roommate would not meet with them
2/2003 Stock awarded Ben from Sonicblue,
2/15/2003 88 cent check from Sonicblue for stock uncashed to today,
March 2003 Sonciblue declares bankruptcy, sells assets to D&M Ltd Japan
March 2003 attorney instructed by estate admin to file Proof of claims $10 million,
July 11, 2003 Proof of Claims filed
July, 2003 Redwood City Police finally investigate - kind of
May, 2008 back Sept 2002 - today series of hacks to Ben's computers, and assundery harassing and harmful events.....,
May 7, 2008 (Ben's birthday) runs article about Sonicblue court "wackier", *
August 26, 2008 settlement with the Sonicblue Bankruptcy Court and ongoing criminal overtones yet unsettled...

Sept 11, 2008 estate drafting to file motions before bankruptcy court, 9th District Court of Appeals for criminally oriented overtones to be passed on to justice departments, open controversy where Probate release for settlement as yet not received, and due process concerns.

The Benjamin G Fuller estate settled the Sonicblue bankrupcy action Tuesday. This pretty much explains the essence of the conflict.
*  May 7, 2008 article


…the "broken heart" of a family, the "broken body" of a son "tossed around" (paramedics dropped the gurney tossing him off - was their life remaining? Who said? police report - after investigation), breached Trustee settlement contract and perhaps even the SONICBLUE BANKRUPTCY COURT covering up a crime, pre-maturely expunging claims records ignoring "administrative fees" for estate.  More to follow from tedious tasks in scanning manually Sonciblue Sales documents work in progress. August 2009.

“From: "Ben Fuller" <>
To: "Studio16 List" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 1998 18:32
Subject: Some thoughts...

First, an introduction:
Hi there, I'm Ben Fuller, at one time I was a Senior Software Engineer for SunRize Industries -- makers of the AD516/Studio16 Digital Audio Workstation software and hardware. Among other things, I was responsible for the automated mixer in v3.0, and the enhanced SMPTE handling in v3.01. I also did the Amiga side of the SoundSwitch software -- including getting it to work seamlessly in the Video Toaster interface, and the killer Arexx API. I created the BigBlocks utility.
I also served as the Build Master at SunRize. At one time I was one of the most Die Hard Fanatic Loyalist Developer On A Jihad To Bring The Whole World To Amiga -- at age 17 I was one of the first and quite probably the youngest Commercial Developer (# CC01039 -- which for those that don't know, means I was one of the commercial developers that attended the 2nd Annual Amiga Developer's Conference in November 1986 -- which was when CATS started the commercial and registered developer programs -- the numbering started at CC01000).

I was there at the beginning, and I was there at the end (which, by the way, was in early 1994 > when the engineering efforts relating to Amiga inside Commodore effectively came to a complete stop).

I was very depressed for some time...Then, in late 1994 a funny thing happened... I was lucky enough to be part of the Chicago (aka Win95) beta program... Preemptive-multitasking, 32-bit > addressing, open device architecture, device independent everything, decent development tools... It was like deja vu all over again... I discovered that (like it says on the Deathbed Vigil t-shirt) there is life after Commodore.

Now, some thoughts:

I have been monitoring this list for a while, and have noticed a few misconceptions that I will now attempt to clear up.

Myth #1 -- SunRize produced developer documentation for the Studio 16 3.x release. This is simply not true. A developer kit for the 3.x release does not exist. There were a few developers that SunRize worked closely with and provided limited access to 3.x specific information. Getting the AmiLINK to provide SMPTE timecode to Studio16 using the enhanced SMPTE APIs was one instance.

Myth #2 -- There is some way to playback samples directly from RAM. > While this is technically true (the samples are buffered in RAM), an API for > that particular capability was never created *because it was not required > for the product*. If you think about this for a minute, it will become > obvious -- Studio16 was designed from the ground up to efficiently move > sample data from the audio hardware on the card to the hard disk and back to > the card. The only thing that matters is that the sample data gets to the > speakers at exactly the right time -- Just In Time delivery... not Data > Warehousing.

Myth #3 -- The Amiga is still a viable commercial platform. This is simply not true. A viable platform for general purpose computing must be able to evolve -- both in hardware and software. A great deal of capital is required to evolve both hardware and software. The risk takers have moved on to investments that will actually give them a return. The quality of Amiga software has degraded significantly since The End, and most (if not all) of those responsible for the best-of-breed applications on Amiga have left the arena. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible to return to the levels of quality neccessary to evolve the platform.

Ok, so what about doing an AHI driver or something... Troy Silvey contacted me last year and asked if I could supply developer information for the AD516 and if I would be interested in doing an AHI driver for the card. I did not respond for quite some time -- I'm sure he probably thought that his questions had fallen upon deaf ears. I did some initial research on AHI and after a few unsuccessful attempts at getting the paula driver to work (so that I could examine how the drivers are supposed to function),

I put those ideas back on the shelf. When I responded to Troy, in addition to clarifying the mythical existance of developer documentation for the v3.x release, I indicated that I was extremely busy with a project at work and could not devote any resources to an AHI driver at that time, but that I would not rule out doing something after my schedule pressures had subsided. I am now doing some additional research on AHI as time permits, but I have still been unable to get the paula driver to work -- something that will have to happen before I decide to build a driver for the AD516.

Best Regards,

Ben Fuller “

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From: "Ben Fuller" <>
To: "Patrick Ellis" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 13:19
Subject: Re: Idea.

> yeah... that's what i'm working on... a gallery system where
> users can create and populate albums of photos. :D
> ben.

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> From: "Patrick Ellis" <>
> To: "Ben Fuller" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 12:13
> Subject: Idea.
> > You need a way to upload picture for the photo gallery. so we can
> > some replay screencaps :)
> >
> > -=patrick ellis=-
> >
> >

January 6, 2002
Here's a bit more illumination...from the guy who implemented the channel lineup remapping code. [and on the way created "New Improved Algorithm code" here and in numerous areas of the product.]

In the beginning there was the Lineup, and it was simple. Each of the
Three Input Sources were granted on thousand slots in which to store
Channels from the Input Sources. And the Channels were placed upon the
Lineup by the Algorithm in order of their birthright, with great
haste. And it was good.

And on the second day, there was a great commotion. The channels began
to argue, one to another. In many places throughout the land, Channels
had been given the same birthright. When upon the Lineup these Channels
were placed, all but the last Channel having the same birthright would
be cast out. Yea verily, there was a loud wailing across the land as
Shows could not be found.

Thus, the creator spake, "We shall construct a New Algorithm, one that
does not cast out Channels." And it was done. Channels having the same
birthright were placed upon the Lineup in empty slots near to the slot
of their birthright. And the loud wailing across the land diminished as
the Shows that had been lost were found again.

And on the third day, new Channels were discovered that had birthrights
beyond the limits of the Lineup. Yea verily, the Algorithm did not
recognize these Channels, and cast them out.

Again, the creator spake, "We shall construct a New Improved Algorithm,
one that does not cast out Channels, and this time We really mean it."
And it was done. Channels having birthrights beyond the limits of the
Lineup were placed upon the empty slots of the Lineup near unto the
other Channels from their Input Source. The Channels were cast out only
when an empty slot could not be found and all of the Lineup.
And it was good.